Litter "C"

Mother: Alice Lee Cooper from Black Meadow
Father:  Arnie Čerchovské hvozdy
Date of birth: 23. 05. 2019
Number of males/females:    4 / 3


Time of birth Ribbon Name Sex Colour
01:28 black Clapton male gold
02:10 purple Coney female gold
02:30 blue Camaro male gold
03:12 yellow Crowley male black and gold
03:29 pink California Dream female black and gold
03:55 red Cocker male gold
04:13 green Crazy Train female black and gold


Weight chart:

Ribbon/Name black/ Clapton purple/ Coney blue/ Camaro yellow/ Crowley pink/ California Dream red/ Cocker green/ Crazy Train
day 1 693g 680g 677g 680g 495g 403g 642g
day 5 799g 790g 840g 812g 562g 504g 780g
week 1 920g 890g 906g 840g 630g 530g 813g
week 2 1,15kg 1,15kg 1,15kg 1,15kg 0,75kg 0,80kg 1,15kg
week 3 1,70kg 1,55kg 1,70kg 1,60kg 1,05kg 1,20kg 1,45kg
week 4 2,60kg 2,55kg 2,45kg 2,60kg 1,65kg 1,80kg 2,25kg
week 5 2,85kg 2,80kg 3.05kg 3,20kg 2,05kg 2,10kg 2,75kg
week 6 3,55kg 3,30kg 3,75kg 3,85kg 3,00kg 2,70kg 3,55kg
week 7 5,7kg 5,5kg 5,5kg 5,8kg 4,3kg 4,4kg 5,3kg


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